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Welcome to Zoomlion Foundation

Zoomlion Foundation (ZLF) is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing for the Jospong Group of Companies/Zoomlion Group of Companies.


Since its inception 1995/2000, the Jospong /Zoomlion Group of Companies have given donations to many individuals and institutions to support a wide range of initiatives.

Our Activities

  • Environmental Sanitation Management
  • Educational support
  • Health Care support
  • Educational support

    ZLF will provide grants towards payment of school fees for brilliant but needy students in Senior High Schools and Tertiary Institutions. Additionally, school teachers who double as Zoomkids Club Patrons may obtain scholarship assistance to pursue a postgraduate degree course at our.

    Health Care support

    We focus on supporting individuals with very serious sickness and diseases. In addition, ZLF will identify, partner and support under resourced public hospitals or community clinics, prisons, disability related organisations, orphanages, religious institutions etc.

    Sanitation Management

    The Foundation will support basic infrastructure development related to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) activities/projects using simple innovative technologies. These projects will be done especially in communities where Zoomkids Club activities are vibrant.

    News And Updates

    US Embassy honours Dr. Rose Mensah-Kutin with 2018 Martin Luther King Award

    The U.S. Ambassador to Ghana has honoured Dr Rose Mensah-Kutin and Yaw Ofori Debra with the 2018 Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for Peace and Social Justice.

    At the ceremony at his residence Thursday, Robert P. Jackson praised the award winners for courageously taking a stand for justice. “Dr King taught us that the greatness of a nation is ...
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    Zoomlion Foundation intensifies sanitation campaign

    A Zoomkids Club member displaying placards to create awareness



    Zoomlion Foundation has intensified its public education campaign to help rid the country of filth. ...Read more

    Zoomkids Found Innovative Re-Use for PET Bottles.

    Display of dustbins made from old PET bottles

    Members of the Zoomkids Club of St. Francis Catholic Basic School had innovative ideas for what to do with their plastic waste. ...
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