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The art of proper handwashing: Zoomkids take turns turn to learn proper handwashing


Zoomkids Club members of Nsawam in Firm Foundation School undertook a handwashing demonstration exercise to conscientise club members and other students on the need for proper handwashing. The sensitisation and awareness creation on good sanitary practices forms part of the activities of Zoomkids club.

 Demonstration on proper handwashing is done periodically to remind school children to continuously practice washing hands with soap and water. During club activity days, usually on Friday’s, Zoomkids Club members engage in various routine activities including health talks, proper hand washing demonstration, environmental quizzes, clean up exercise etc. all aimed at educating children and youth on good environmental sanitation practices.

Raising awareness

Mr. Williams Sackitey, Coordinator of School Health Education Program (SHEP) from Adenta who aided the children in the handwashing demonstration indicated that in washing your hands you need to first wet your hands with water, rub some soap on your hands, wash your finger and thumbs, move back and in between your fingers, and finally rinse. He further stressed that children acting as agents of change can take the good practices of hygiene learned at school to their homes and communities.

Significance on handwashing

Handwashing with soap is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent diarrhoea diseases and pneumonia, which together are responsible for a great number of child deaths. In spite of the importance of proper handwashing, it is sad to note that even though it is widely practiced in Ghana very few people manage to do it well.

UNICEF says research shows that a $3.35 investment in handwashing brings the same health benefits as an $11.00 investment in latrine construction, a $200.00 investment in household water supply; and an investment of thousands of dollars in immunisation.

Targeting children to acquire the habit of handwashing with soap is essential for it to become a second nature in them. Thus the child would grow up being very conscious of proper handwashing.

The handwashing demonstration in Firm Foundation which was held at the school premises was preceded by the usual singing of songs on environment and chanting of club slogans “Zoomkids Club, catch them young”

Continuous sensitisation and awareness creation on proper environmental and sanitary practices is a positive way of ensuring sustainability and adherence to environmental sanitation laws. Zoomkids Club is therefore providing multi strategies aimed at educating more children to become environmentally conscious. 

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