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The Foundation’s first focal area is to provide support for the activities of the Zoomkids Clubs. The Zoomkids Club is the flagship project of Zoomlion Foundation. It is made up of environmental sanitation Clubs operating in schools across the country.


The aim of the Zoomkids Project is to facilitate the creation of social and environmental awareness and education among young people, as well as help them develop good sanitary habits. It is the belief of the Foundation that if children are conscientised early on the benefits of good sanitary practices and habits, such habits will become second nature and will put them in positions where they could influence social behavioural changes in their families, schools and the larger community.


Partnership approach

Zoomlion Foundation has noted that a collaborative multi-stakeholder approach is vital to implementing and sustaining Behavior Change Communication interventions.


The Foundation plans to scale up the number of Clubs from the current 400 to 1,000 by 2017 and would like to partner with Civil Society Organisations, Donor agencies, and Government institutions to work together to create a critical mass of young Ghanaians who inspire attitudinal and behavioural change within the society.

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