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Criteria for Sponsorship

This criteria has been developed to streamline the activities that responds to the vision and mission of the Foundation.

 Criteria for the review of sponsorship requests:

  1. Funding requests must fall within the overall mission and goals of the Foundation.
  2. Individuals applying for sponsorship must show evidence of why they should be supported.
  3. Individuals applying for support in the case of medical reasons should obtain a referral letter from a recognised hospital.
  4. Individuals applying for educational support should submit results slip and a letter of recommendation from an appropriate institution
  5. The ability of the potential individual or institution seeking sponsorship to raise additional funding could be an advantage.
  6. Communities, organisations or institutions who apply for funding must have basic organisational systems and structures in place. We will look out for evidence of effective leadership, planning and implementation in such situations.
  7. Organisations applying to us should have a clear plan for monitoring, reporting and sustainability.
  8. Ability to manage funds and account for them using standard accounting procedures is also required.

Funding restrictions

 Zoomlion Foundation would not fund the following:

  1. Religious properties or activities.
  2. Political party activities.
  3. Business entities and activities.
  4. Old students/school year group activities.
  5. Clean up exercises outside of Zoomkids Club Schools except in a disaster/emergency situation

Sponsorship Approval Process

  1.  Sponsorship request is sent via e-mail, or surface mail.
  2.  ZLF sends acknowledgement by e-mail or phone.
  3.  Staff review request to ascertain whether it meets its criteria for funding.
  4.  Our application process takes approximately one month from the date you receive an acknowledgement letter from us. You will be notified of the status of your request within this period. Therefore requests must be sent in on time.  However emergency funds could be provided in exceptional cases. An example of an emergency situation could be someone whose condition requires immediate medical attention
  5.  Upon approval by the board, the application would be processed for payment. This may take up to 14 working days.