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 Zoomlion Foundation Launch


The Zoomlion Foundation was launched in 25th October 2016, to spearhead the corporate social responsibility activities of the Zoomlion/Jospong Group of companies. The theme for the launch was “Building a Sustainable Environment to Impact Future Generations”. The foundation, which was registered in July 2014, has been operational since then, working in three thematic areas – environmental sanitation management, healthcare support and educational support.

In a speech read on his behalf at the launching, the Executive Chairman of the Zoomlion and Jospong Groups of Companies, Mr Joseph Siaw Agyepong, said the Zoomlion Foundation, which was an independent entity formed to lead social intervention activities, was a further demonstration of their commitment to the communities they served “and also to complement Ghana’s sustainable development efforts.” Mr. Agyepong said, “the Zoomlion Foundation will serve as the sole avenue through which the group will continue to demonstrate its commitment and social responsibilities to the society in Ghana.” He said a special budget had been committed to support the work of the foundation, which would be increased annually.

The special guest for the launch was the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur. In her speech, she said “we need to scale up our responses and our interventions that will help to rid Ghana of filth.” She added that she believed that Zoomlion’s decision to create widespread environmental sanitation awareness is good. She commended Zoomlion for focusing on training children as agents for behaviourial change communication in Ghana. She said this is a very wise choice, and advocated that we must also add the women. She said, “adding women played a very critical role in sustainable development through communication and awareness raising of environmental issues, especially on the health impact”. She said when we do these, we shall not only be creating a healthy environment for this generation alone, but those unborn.

The launch attracted several schoolchildren who are members of the Zoomkids Clubs program. The Zoomkids Clubs have been formed in basic schools to act as change agents by inculcating in the children, good environmental practices and making the club members peer educators. Some of the children performed a sketch and recited poems on the need to ensure environmental cleanliness.

In her address at the launch, the Coordinator of the Zoomlion Foundation, Mrs. Sarah Kyei, said the vision of the foundation was to ensure an environmentally conscious society for a sustainable future, while the mission was to incorporate a culture of environmental sanitation practices through training and capacity building, advocacy and direct support. Mrs Kyei indicated that very soon the Zoomlion Foundation would be seeking scholarships to train some Zoomkids Club members in various environmental vocations.